Flame the Arson Cat

Flame came into the Home and hearts of the Belmont Fire Department after some of the Fireman gave him much needed love and attention. The fireman eventually gained Flame’s trust with fried chicken and love. Over time he became comfortable enough to come into the firehouse. The impact Flame has on the department can not be put into words. He is a tremendous support and well loved by Belmont Fire Department and the community.

Wall Of Flame

Engineer Jordan Lide created an Instagram page for Flame the Arson Cat and the followers kept coming. He became very loved by many over a short period of time. The attention Flame received was an encouragement to the station. The link to Flame’s Instagram is below.


USA Today picked up the story of an extensive effort made by Belmont Fire Department to rescue Flame from a storm drain. After many hours Jordan Lide was able to go into the drain and retrieve Flame. Thanks to the efforts of several firefighters and EMT staff Flame was OK.

In 2017 Flame the Arson Cat was awarded Cat of the Year by the ASPCA. Chief Anthony Segars and Engineer Jordan Lide took Flame on a flight to NYC where they accepted the award. Flame and Belmont Fire Department feel very honored.

Chief Segars and Flame

The outpouring of love from all over the Country for Flame and Belmont Fire Department has been tremendous. Flame would love for you to join the over 100,000 followers on his Instagram page and be a follower of his day to day activities. To support Flame please click on the link below and click follow. Flame and Belmont Fire Department appreciate your support.